Dining, Narrow Gauge Inn

Located at the Gateway to Yosemite

Seasons Bistro & Buffalo Bar

Restaurant & Bar are Open from 4pm to 9pm Thursday thru Sunday every week, year round!

“Excellent food coupled with knockout views make the dining experience at the Narrow Gauge Inn one of the finest in the Yosemite region.”

-Lonely Planet Travel Guides

Dinner is served in our enchanting Dining Room where good cheer, romance and old fashion hospitality greet our guests. Stone fireplaces, antiques and authentic lodge decor set the mood for an intimate gathering for two or more. Large gatherings for weddings, extended families, or business meetings can be accommodated in one or more of our dining rooms.

Great fires of pine, cedar and oak warm our guests as they dine on the area’s finest Angus filets, fresh seafood and succulent chicken.

Our delectable desserts are sure to entice you with the richest pastries, ice cream and pies. Lively spirits, ales, and fine wines are served in our Buffalo Bar under the watchful eyes of big game bison.

Advanced reservations highly recommended, please contact us – call (559) 683 7720.

~Catering Services Available~

The Chefs are now booking private events on Monday’s and Wednesday’s at the location of your choice. If you prefer to host your event in the restaurant at the Narrow Gauge Inn bookings are available on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursday through Sunday all season long. “Let us give you the Seasons experience this holiday season.” – Chef Linsey and Chef G (Call 559-580-1069 to book direct)

Dining, Narrow Gauge Inn
Dining, Narrow Gauge Inn
Dining, Narrow Gauge Inn
Dining, Narrow Gauge Inn
Dining, Narrow Gauge Inn

Dinner Menu

Appetizers & Salads


Sweet Potato Fries $7

Served with roasted bacon serrano aioli and chipotle aioli

Steak Bites $15

Blue Cheese Cream Sauce/ Fried Pickled Onions/ Balsamic Reduction/ Crumbled Blue Cheese/ Strawberries/ Arugula/ MicroGreens 

Local Farm Stand Garden Salad $8

Mixed Greens/ Assorted Local Seasonal Vegetables/ Choice of Dressing 

Add Chicken/ Shrimp/ Salmon/Seared Ahi +7/ +13/ +16/+19

Rocket Salad $11

Arugula/Shaved Parmesan/Spiced Toasted Almonds/Cherry Tomatoes/Grilled Asparagus/Balsamic Vinaigrette

Add Chicken/Shrimp/Salmon/Seared Ahi +7/+13/+16/+19

Spicy Caesar Salad $8

Romaine/Shaved Parmesan/Croutons/Spicy Caesar Dressing

Strawberry Fields Forever Salad $11

Dried Cranberries/ Toasted Almonds/ Shredded Carrots/ Sliced Strawberries/ Blue cheese crumbles/ Balsamic dressing

Add Grilled Chicken/ Shrimp/ Salmon/ Seared Ahi +7/ +13/ +16/+19

Grilled Garlic Bread $7

Garlic infused olive oil/ Toasted almond Pesto/ Fresh Garlic/ Balsamic reduction/ Dressed arugula

Flamed Grilled Artichoke $13

Parmesan Garlic Butter/Charred Lemon/Chipotle Aioli

Cajun Potato Croquettes $13

Cheddar Cheese/Chopped Pickled Jalapeno/Bacon/Green Onion/Cajun Seasoning Infused Mashed Potato/Panko Crusted/Deep Fried/Chipotle Aioli


Raspberry Chipotle BBQ Chicken $28

½ Roasted chicken Raspberry Chipotle Glaze/ Garlic Mashed Potatoes/ Braised Kale with bacon

Toasted Almond Pesto Chicken $28

Grilled lemon/ Garlic mash/ House toasted almond pesto/ Seasonal vegetables 

Seven Spice Seared Ahi $34

Roasted Asparagus/Wasabi Mashed Potatoes/Ponzu/Pickled Onion

Pesto Salmon $35

Garlic Mash/Roasted Asparagus/Grilled Lemon/Reduced Balsamic

Huli Huli Salmon $36

Coconut Jasmine Rice/Seasonal Vegetables/Charred Lemon/Grilled Pineapple

The Porterhouse $62

24oz Cut topped with a Bouquet of Local Mushrooms/Garlic Thyme Butter/Merlot Reduction/Roasted Asparagus/Bacon Mash

Yin and Yang Grilled Pineapple Bowl $22

Coconut Jasmine Rice with Toasted Spiced Almonds/ Jamaican Jerk Grilled Pineapple/ Orange segments/ Green onions/ Teriyaki Glaze/ Seasonal Vegetables

Add Chicken +$7.00/ Shrimp +$13.00/ Salmon +$16.00/ Ahi +$19.00

Spring Fettuccine Alfredo with Grilled Chicken Breast $29

Fresh Basil/ Multi Color Cherry Tomatoes/ Pesto Drizzle/ Reduced Balsamic/ Shaved Parmesan

Chicken Parmesan $28

Fettuccine Alfredo/ Breaded Chicken Breast/ Marinara/ Shaved Parmesan/ Basil/ Balsamic glaze/ Roasted Asparagus

Steak Frites $36

Ribeye with Merlot reduction sauce/ Herb Butter/ Fries

Thick Cut Grilled Ribeye $44

Herb Butter/ Merlot Reduction/ Garlic and bacon Infused Mashed Potatoes/ Seasonal Vegetables

Filet of Beef $41

Blue Cheese Cream Sauce Balsamic Reduction/ Braised Kale with Bacon/ Garlic Mashed Potatoes 

Surf and Turf $46

Filet of beef/ BBQ Glaze/ Garlic Thyme Butter/ Fried Pickled Onions/ Cajun Garlic Shrimp/ Bacon Mashed Potatoes/ Squash 

The Blues Burger $18

Bacon/ Blue cheese crumbles/ caramelized onions/ Arugula/ Raspberry Chipotle BBQ sauce

Served with fries or garden salad. Upgrade side to French Onion Soup or Sweet Potato Fries for an additional $2.00


Roasted Asparagus with Blue Cheese Cream Sauce/Balsamic Glaze/Crispy Prosciutto $9

French Onion Soup/French Bread Crostini/ Swiss & Shaved Parmesan Crust – Cup $7/Bowl $11

Coconut Herb Rice with Toasted Almonds $6

Garlic Mash $6

Bacon Mash $7

Seasonal Vegetables $6

Fries $6

All Desserts are 100% made from scratch. Ask about today’s dessert selections

Executive Chef’s Linsey & G

Vegan & Vegetarian options available

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, and/or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

48571 Highway 41, Fish Camp, CA 93623, United States P: (559) 683-7720  E: ngi@sti.net

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Dining, Narrow Gauge Inn
Dining, Narrow Gauge Inn
Dining, Narrow Gauge Inn
Dining, Narrow Gauge Inn
Dining, Narrow Gauge Inn